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Intimate Transactions @ Bios

Intimate Transactions is an exciting new form of interactive installation that allows two people in separate spaces to interact simultaneously using their bodies.Each person uses a physical interface called a 'Bodyshelf'. By gently moving their bodies on this 'smart furniture' they influence an evolving 'world' created from digital imagery, multichannel sound and tactile feedback.

This shared experience allows each participant to gradually develop a form of sensory intimacy with the other, even though they are geographically separated and cannot physically see or hear each other.

As this highly immersive experience evolves, each participant begins to sense their part in a complex web of relations that connect them, and everything else within the work.

The installation will be placed @ Bios from 12-23/11 (14:00-22:00).You have to pay about 10 Euros to For further information visit the Intimate Transactions website and Bios web site.

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    Man you really are a geek...  

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    Thank you :) good words of wisdom are always welcome.  

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    ΣΕ ΠΗΡΑΝ ΧΑΜΠΑΡΙ ΡΕ>>>>>>>>>>>>>.................:))))  

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