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Dorothy Eustatoglou pics from Barcelona .

I think i have told you about my friend Dora who is studing an Erasmus course @ Barcelona.She has sent me some pictures from Barca last afternoon.The first two pictures are from the famous park of Gaudi (Sagrada Familia).
The specific project as Dora told me is still under construction from 1925.The third picture is from a temple named Santa Maria which is huge.And the last pictures are from the centre of Barcelona a building that Gaudi has constructed. Enjoy the view. I will try to visit her as soon as possible.
I have heard good words wispered at my ear regarding Barcelona.I had plans to visit the town this Xmas but i have to go to Rhodes . Since its the last chance to see Barca and Dora together i will try to visit the town after Xmas.
Dora still has not sent me pics regarding the university and her personal life there.Well , she promised that she will send me as soon as possible more. Well, i hope you enjoyed the view ...i did .....

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  1. # Blogger dimitrisandlefty

    h3eres oti o ta3itxhs pou arnh8hke na paei ton gaudi sto nosokomeio meta pou ton pathse to tram ( ton eixe perasei gia astego alhth) htan 4os 3adelfos tou propapou mou?

    me stenaxwrei ligo to gegonos auto, alla xairomai pou estw kai etsi enas progonos mou suneisfere sthn istoria ths arxitektonikhs!  

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