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Monday Monday Monday !

Monday sux ! Anyway Hello guys:) New week coming .Well i have so many things to write for this weekend . Lets start with Friday .Giannis a friend of mine from Rhodes is a soldier @ the military camp of Aulona . Actually it is the same military camp , i have been as a soldier. Well George told me that we should go to the Electrelane consert. Aris told us that we could see the concert for only 10 euyros . he gave our names to the entrance so we paid only 10 euros .Thnks Aris .
Actually the concert was quite boring. ok Matisse had a good performance (it was better than AN live performance) . Now about Electrelane , ok these chicks was nice but actually their sound was boring ( Its my opinion ) .We had a good time with George dancing and meeting new people . Saturday we went with John tou several Bars and we have been for a coffee with Froso .A new bar came into my attention close to POP which was really spiritual. I really dont remember the name but it was inside the STOA Praxitelous :) After that bar we have been to SOUL ( for john actually he is more into electronic sounds ) .We met there Liberte and some friends of her. I really felt bored but ok john liked the spot so ..... We met Mitsos and George at a small bar named as Kinky . I really like the place and i think it will be our new meeting point. Sunday was a relax day , we havee been into several places including Stamos place. I really love weekends . anyway guys c you around .

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