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F Ote Sux

I have called Ote 10 mins ago. THESE GUYS ARE MAKING YOU MAD. the first time noone answered the phoene . the second time the line was busy and after 1 hour trying i finally got someone to talk to me on the line.

Geek:"hello , iwould like to connect a new phone line "
Advisor: "Hello, What is your name "
Geek:"Sarantis anastasios"
Advisor:"Dimitrakopolou 17 ?"
Geek:"Yes please "
Advisor: :"Ok , Monday we will be there from 8-2"
Geek:"Ehm,I am working on Monday to Friday so i could not be there "
Advisor:"So what do you want us to do "
Geek:"Well, come on weekends the officer when i order the line told me that it is possible"
Advisor:"Who told you these things , this is not possible"
Geek:"So what do you suggest , i could not be there weekdays and no-one is living at the house except me"
Advisor:"I dont know :
Geek : " So do you suggest not to go to work for one day and maybe you will be there to connect my line "
Advisor: " Sir , i told you everyone is working and we could not make any exception for anyone"
Geek:"but the sale officer told me that it is possible to come on weekends..."
Advisor: " well ok maybe on February or March "
Geek (mad voice ) :"To whom am i speaking to ? "
Advisor : " spot 17 "
Geek:" look i could not wait until march in order to get a phone line so try to to something."
Advisor (angry):"Well , sir there are not other options that you have ."
Geek:"so do you suggest something....or maybe your supervisor ?"
Advisor : "Ok OK i will post your request for this sunday , And may God be with you "
Geek (thinking F off you fucking looser i know that you are payed to do nothing and that nothing is something difficult to you ) :"......."

These guys are pathetic

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    Move to Norway, nerd!  

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