Never trust modern technology. Trust it only when it is old technology.

Being Idle.............

Well i have so much work to do but anyway i will try to keep up with my blog. I have noticed that a lot of people related to art are addicted to blogs . Maria and her blog made other ppl to start writing and expressing them selfs through net.i have noticed that nowdays i spent more times on reading different blogs rather than browsing different sites or trying to find new tools regarding my work.
The problem regarding blogs i think its copy paste .... people have stopped to write their opinions because they feel bored to do so . The next options to keep up their blog alive is just copying paste ( Lakis Gavalas co ) . I dont have problems regarding pasting.....content re-usability was always an issue regarding net.I actually prefer to have the ability to copy paste something and be somehow active rather than sitting on a chair at home watching TV.being idle and waiting for something to happen is my worst nightmare.
TV as i have posted is the worst tool to pass information. its passive and it kill your f brain cells and may be train them to be idle. i really feel pathetic when i open TV at nights ...thats why i will try to get my DSL line until the end of 2005.

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