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We are moving Into Xmas ....

Monday Sux!!!

This weekend i was trying to relax and tryed not to go out . Friday i tried to get out with the guys but i felt asleep from 10 . I wanted to sleep only for an hour but i was feeling so tired thats why i decide to sleep more ... I was really tired this week so it was a good opportunity to relax.

I have been to Stereo MC's this Saturday with Froso.It was a good concert .....Actually to tell you the truth i really enjoyed listening(Dancing&Jumping included) "Connected", "Creation" "Deep Down and Dirty" . I really enjoy this guy dancing ,jumping , moving over the stage and make the crowd feel free to jump. I will try to post some pictures from the event soon. I had some problems regarding photos since a guy there told me not to take photos . Its true the words coming into my ear about Stereo Mcs concert .....They really make you jump.....

I could not c George and Mitsos since i was really tired going out this saturday . They went to a party @ EMΠ. I think that Froso went 2 there . I was really tired to follow them . I prefered my beloved bed ...

This sunday MIchael Fillipakis was @ Athens. We met and we have been out for a coffee with Stamatis and John. I was really happy to c him here . This Tuesday also Antonis is coming @ Athens and both they will living at my place .... Its really nice to have good friends close to you.

When i came into the office today i was really surprised from the Xmas trees and lights that where placed in the head offices here at Neo psixiko site of VF. Those lights made me forget that is Monday...for a while

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