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Friday E-Fever ...

Its friday boys and girls ... Two mails came into my mailbox this morning .. i always enjoy Kostis Mail .. and i had also a mail from Sotia @Brussels. I hope you enjoy it as i did ..

Sotia -------------------------------------------------------------------

more bilingual-ity: the brussels dialect is a strong mixture of the two
languages. Phone-call example in the office, "iauotriuogughroaugoeraiuoiag
(incomprehensible dutch) mais allez! (french) aoovoakdkjkkfkfkkjkkhkj (more
dutch) ca-va, ca-va (french) thtehieuhtiriuhiurieturhtuiu (more dutch) ca va
aller (french) a demain, bonjour (even more french) - end of phone call.
they think they are speaking in flemmish

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