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Photographic .....from Sadie's blog

Well i could not resist to publish the lyrics of one of my favourite tracks ever .And we are talking of course Depeche mode's Photographic. My beloved Blog friend Sadie with her beatiful blog made me put the cd once again in my LG.

A white house, a white room
The program of today
Light`s on, switch on
Your eyes are far away
The map represents you
And the tape is your voice
Follow all along you
Till yourecognize the choice
I take pictures, photographic pictures
Bright light, dark room
I said I`d write a letter
But I never got the time
And I`m looking to the day
I mesmerize at night
The years I spent just thinking
Of a moment we both knew
A second past like in empty room
It seems it can`t be true
Bright light, dark room

2 Responses to “Photographic .....from Sadie's blog”

  1. # Blogger Sadie

    I was dancing to this song some days ago in Underworld, I love it! Thanks! :)  

  2. # Blogger Loop


    i love re this song .....  

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