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Hello Hell-o Hell-o

Goodmorning! I have been to Crete last weekend which was a really excitement. I have seen all my friends down there . Say hello to all ppl down there (STk,Zoi,Kostis,Rinio,Kiriakos and etc). Heraklio is not the best place to live but walking with Kostis is always positive. we have labelled the city as the paradise of mainstream lovers. I think the favourite colour of those guys down there; is pink . Well its not the best eye view to have pink everywhere even on lights over the towers of the city .
Actually I have not laugh so much the last few months. We have been drinking , eating all day and night. I have been to several places and of course to my favourite spot Saint Titos Square. I have pictures from the city of Heraklio, which I will try to publish soon. Stay tuned.

Ps the picture is one of my favourites .... from Acropolis :)
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