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Blog Party>!!!!!!

Hello , sorry that i dont post a lot but i have so much work to do. We are going live on the First days of May and you will watch our new baby live from your Tv . xixixiix. Well the story started here ......and of course the team of Arxedia media helped in order the party to be "developed". Please try to be casual and a reminder for all the Greek Geeks try to be there with out our Darth Vader Sword. I wont be there since i am going back to my island for leasure. Please try to be there and check the links .

A big thnks goes to Crazymonkey for the banner .

So dance, dance, dance, dance...................

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Φτου σας, αντίχριστοι, Μεγάλη Τετάρτη να χορεύετε και να ερωτοτροπείτε!  

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