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The Flaming Lips @ Webster Hall

The Flaming Lips are back . They have a new album . I have heard the album and its realllllly great. These guys rox. Well i hope to see them Live @ Athens again this year . This lucky guy here has been there and have taken some photos .Check the url and let me know .
Ps I love this picture published ......

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  1. # Blogger kassandra

    I saw them play in Montreal a few years back and I have to agree they were awesome... way more than just a concert - a huge entertainment act/carnival. Did they throw gigantic balloons into the crowd when you saw them too? Plus, they got the entire hall to sing some girl happy birthday...  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    nai Re kassa they are really great. Re engage for the blog party..... i wont be there since i am going back to rhodes for Easter but ......engage darling :) se filwwwwwwwww  

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