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High Speed and Photoinstrumentation Photography

I really love photograpghy . I am actual a look and feel guy. With this url you will be able to check some photos regarding speed. All of them where shooted from the guru of photography Andrew Davidhazy. There are several pictures there regarding objects and humans . Different techiniques where used ....I think that some of them where used later on some projects involved graphics and media .

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  1. # Blogger Mirelen

    Κάνε κάτι με το λινκ, βγάζει τη microsoft. Εκτός κι αν έκανες συμφωνία με τον Μπιλ.  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    ehm o bill einai filos mas ..... thnkss gia tin goma tha to ftiaxw amesos ..  

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