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Monday like every F monday

Hello! Have a nice week !! I hope everyone had a very nice weekend.
this weekend was busy but relaxed 2 . Friday night i have been to POP and Bios . Next Saturday Bios will have live one of the most famous producer in electronica . He was one of the developers regarding Unkle Project. I am sure that sometime in your life have heard a sigle track of UNKLE . This band is one of my favorites. In their first album i was at UK still studing and i was astonished from their music . Dj Shadow was also a producer in their first album .I will try to be there next staturday in order to check James Lavelle Dj set . Here is the link of BIOS site .
@ Sunday I have been to Davinsi (sorry about the spelling.. I don’t have the mood to google it ) exhibition . It was really crap and we paid 9 euros. Ok it had some good artefacts but not a good as i had in mind. Anyway, Kostis have send me a picture of Rinio's nephew . I will [publish it here its really an angel.

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