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Ouf i was F Tired this week

Hello !!!
I hope this week was for everyone better than mine. Ok , i could not say that we did not have publicity this week. Even , my Grandmother called from the village telling me "Tasso , i told you that these kind of things you are working on are Evil related......" ehm .....
Ok i dont want to talk about VF but many things that you have heard on the news are not valid . Tragas the famous journalist was on TV informing people about software dev . come on guys .. come on :)
Anyway ... we had develop some new modules on Fun and info web site of VF . Check the new modules where you will be able to download some ringtones and wallpapers. Also the live TV was installed and hopefully next week it will be live on your mobs .
Now lets talk about music ... Have you heard the new album of Arctic monkeys. To tell you the truth the album is not so good . OK it has some nice tunes but no As the NME says "the best britsih album the last decade " > ... Come on guys we know that you like british bands but ok ....
Yesterday also we talked with Froso about the site of Matisse . I have developed a mockup for the site and she did not like it . i did not like her mockup 2. I would like something in order to be developed in a simple nice way . I am a little bit on speed with this project since i have promised to Aris that i will develop the site. Now , from design point of view i dont like being involved with this kind of stuff but i have since i would like the content to be replaced from a CMS . Anyway i will check it again this weekend .I hope Froso not to lose control with my attitude which is not the best ( ...) .

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