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I am Alive once again

Hello !!! I am back !!! As you noticed from the previous post i have been @ Rhodes for Easter. Two weeks of fully relaxation ( almost ... mothers dont included ) . well I have seen old friends and talk them for several issues . I have pictures from Rhodes that i will try to post soon .
I would like to move back to island sometime in the future. Its really the air there that makes you wanna jump over your body. Well since its impossible to do so the next years i will try to be there every three months .
I have met several new persons and i notice that things change even in Rhodes .New ppl with fresh ideas are back in town. Anyway.. now back at the office things are getting more agressive ..... We are going live the next month so .....

3 Responses to “I am Alive once again”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    -"mothers dont included" -> not included

    -"..and talk them" ->talk to them

    -"I would like to move back to island" ->to the island

    -"I have met several new persons and i notice" ->have noticed  

  2. # Blogger Loop

    Thanks ... if you have noticed from an old post of mine my english sux but several people read from Uk and Europe so i keep writing in English. I prefer greeklish but since you are here and you have the time plz correct all the spelling probs. anyway the whole idea is not the spelling mistakes but the content . Thnk you again ..  

  3. # Blogger Loop

    Ps i dont like your domain anyway insightBB....Mr Anonymous :)  

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