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Run Anastasios Run

Hello! Its Friday the weekend is coming. Here no-one is working in real time . Actually they are waiting for the afternoon when they will soon leave the office. This week was stressful since new bugs came out to the system but hopefully everything went well. We have some new development from next week and some testing regarding a new platform. I really feel bored to do testing but it has to be done in order to go to migration stage.
Now, I am thinking of going to Barcelona this march. I hope to have the vacations days that I want in order to visit Spain. I have not been outside Greece the last two years and I really missed my student days.
Today all day I could not focus on matters related to work. I am far from office really in a nice beach playing Sudoku and chatting with friends. And we still have 4 hours to go . I really don’t like working on Fridays . tik tak tik tok ...

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